What is Baptism? Everything you must know about it

Baptism has been practised for a long time, and it is part of a Christian rite. A Christian baptism is an act of acceptance and obedience to the Lord. It is a symbolic cleansing of a person, and it is a simple process which can be done by being immersed in the water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and then coming out of it. Baptism is a sign of the individual deciding to follow Jesus.

Significance: Baptism can be compared to burial. Baptism is an emblem of burial and being cleansed. It signifies a person is burying away his old way of life, his old self and beginning a new life in the light of the Lord, a life dedicated to doing good and to live in the word of God. It is a personal identification to God and public proclamation and a way of letting the world know that the person has decided to be on the side of the Lord Jesus. Being immersed in water signifies death to sin and then emerging from the water signifies a cleansed life that will follow the path to the ultimate salvation until the end of time. It is a believer’s testimony and a Christian’s way of identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

Importance: Baptism is one of the ordinances that Jesus appointed for the church before his ascent to the heavenly abode. Jesus has told his followers to go and make disciples, to share the word of God, to baptise them and to teach them until the very end of the age. Baptism is an outward sign of an inward grace that they have accepted Christ as their saviour. It does not cleanse you outwardly, but it cleanses you in the inside. The fundamental reason why it is important is that it is what Jesus told the people to do. This reason itself makes it a crucial part of the Christian life

Who can take the baptism- Baptism is for anyone who is old enough to know and understand and believe in the Lord and His words.  There is no age limit to when a person can be baptised. As long as the person understands and accepts the word of God, the person is ready to be baptised.  Also before the person is baptised, the person must repent of his sins and decide to live his life in accordance with the Will of God. Baptism is also not forced upon anyone when one is ready, he/she can do it.

Purpose: The purpose of baptism is to be cleansed and starting anew so that they can rejoice being spiritually reborn. Seeking for repentance and getting baptised is a way for God to forgive your sins. For Christians, it is not just simply a ritual which is a part of the Christian life, but it is an outward show of acknowledgement of the individual’s past and his sins and his desire to change and be free from the guilt of the past.


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