Top 5 religious myths busted

Religion and myths are both a structure of concepts that are held in high regard in communities, and both have aspects that overlap each other. There are quite some myths and some of which some people who are not part of that religion may believe it to be true. This, in turn, creates misconception for the whole community so to separate myth and what is real, here is a list of the top myths related to religion that is busted now-

  1. What Muslims do not believe in Jesus is something that many may think so, but it is not so. Muslims respect and love all prophets and if one is to reject one of the prophets, then it means that one is rejecting the doctrine of Islam. Albeit unlike Christians, Muslims do not believe that Jesus is the son of God but they believe that He has a miraculous birth and will return to earth in the last days. Also, the Quran has three chapters written about the life of Jesus and His mother, Mary.
  2. Many believe that Hindus worship cows, but it is not so. Hindus believe that every living thing has a soul and all life is holy and blessed. They do not eat beef, but this does not mean that they pray to the cows and worship them. Cows do hold a special place in the society as they are a provider for certain necessities to man and so they are honoured.
  3. Many believe that Buddhism has no concept of heaven or hell as life is a constant cycle, but it is not so. Because the life cycle, the rebirth of an individual depends on karma. You can be reborn as a dung beetle or maybe even a Buddha. Your karma may send you anywhere within the six realms of existence. Those who are lucky and have a good karma, they might be reborn in the heavenly world living as a deva, and those with a bad karma may end up in the Naraka which is the realms of hell, a horrid place which you’d pray you would never go to.
  4. The discriminatory caste system is not a system supported by Hinduism. Caste is an ancient structure of classes based on occupations that are depicted in the Hindu text, but over time it has transformed into a rigid social hierarchy that has taken a toll on the society. The discrimination based on caste is grounded in culture and not the religion.
  5. When we imagine the Amish, the image of people who shunned the modern world and have no knowledge of the material world. Without any care, they are content riding on their horses, this very image that people form for the Amish is a myth. What the Amish Ordnung does in lay emphasis on the concept modesty, productivity and community closeness. They used gadgets and technologies when necessary provided that it does not hinder the community.

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