Top 5 religions that might rule by 2020

The human population is growing all over the world and with that even the number of adherents to various religion, also, the technologies have turned the world into one global village, so people get to know about the various religion all over the world and have the choice to convert and profess the religion they like. So the statistics of religion changes after every few years. The religions that are most likely to rule by the year 2020 based on factors like age, fertility, life expectancy, switching are:

  1. Christianity- Although Islam seems to be growing rapidly; Christianity will still be the dominant world religion by 2020 as the population is estimated to grow. The Christian population in the year 2010 was 31.4% and will most probably continue to be the same while maintaining a stable growth rate. The highest number of Christian population can be found in America, and the growth of the Christian community is apt to be seen in Africa.
  2. Islam- This is probably the fastest growing religion in the world and is the most likely religion to remain as one of the tops for a long time. The number of people leaving the religion won’t block the Muslim population as the countries with major Muslim population are the Middle East, Northern Africa and with the improvement in the living conditions will increase life expectancy which will contribute to the growth of the religion. The Muslim community was 23.2% in the year 2010 and will grow at least by 3% more.
  3.  Hinduism- By the year 2020, Hinduism will grow in its population. The population of Hinduism in the year 2010 was 15.0%, and by the year 2020, the population is expected to grow. There will be growth in Hinduism but taking into account the world’s population, it comes third in rank among the top 5 while keeping up its pace among the world population overall. Hinduism population can be seen largely in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in India
  4. Buddhism- In the year 2010, Buddhism took up the world’s population of 7.1%, but in the year 2020, there is a probability that it will reduce slightly among the world’s population overall. Although there might be a decrease in number, the growth rate remains stable, and the Buddhism community is expected to continue thriving for the decades ahead. The largest population of Buddhism is in the Asia-Pacific region.
  5. Folk Religion- Folk religion refers to the local religion such as the African traditional religions, the Australian indigenous religions, the Chinese folk religions, Native American religions and so on. It is gaining its place as the years go by, it has taken a total of 5.9% of the world population, and by 2020, it is likely that the Folk religion will continue to take its place among the top in the world. The largest Folk religion community is in the Asia-pacific region, mainly because half of the population is in China.

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