The Evolution of Religion

evoliution of religion

A thousand years ago the priest, the sage, the pastor, the rabbi, the imam, the shaman… call them what you like, had a simple task. Their main task was to take care the local community. They had to show them the right path and warn when someone loses their way. In other words, the priest was the moral compass of the community.

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Now… Let’s just say that his role has changed a lot.


The problem is why. If you look at it closely, you’ll see that most religions haven’t changed that much. Except the obvious like not going on crusades anymore. But religion itself has not changed. But the role of the head of the local church has.




The Role of the Priest



So, if not the religions, what changed then? The answer is: the communities themselves have changed. The borders between villages and countries have faded away.


We must acknowledge that people live different kind of lives now.


The way they consume news and communicate has changed (here’s how)


The way they take vacations has changed (here’s an example)


Ways they relax have changed (follow this link, for example)


  What We Can Do?

We are not asserting that we should target our communities through Facebook ads or billboards on local holiday destinations.


On the contrary. As communities change, we also have to adapt. Religion has to redefine itself in the modern world. Unfortunately, it has been harder than it looked like for most.


For instance, if the trend continues, the divide between religions will only grow. We see a priest’s place in helping his or her community. Helping the sick and the poor, the young and the old.


Frauds like Joel Osteen will be inevitably revealed and brought down. There is no place in the world for greed. Maybe in politics, but not in religion.


Not that there wasn’t before. These past decades have been extremely shaky with many scandals surrounding different religions. Which in fact should limit the amount of fake prophets doing evil deeds.


Now the time has come for the religions of the world to be reborn. While there is so much hate in the world, so much violence, priests, pastors, imams, all the holy men should come together to show followers that true faith is about solidarity and peace instead of shutting everyone else down.

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