Scientific reasons behind various religious myths

The subject of religion and myths or religion and science has been a long debated topic. Science looks for a reason, evidence and empiricism while religious myths depend on the f=belief and faith of the people. So let’s look at some of the scientific reasons behind some of the myths based on religion:

  1. All over the world, you can find a fountain which is filled with coins. People throw coins into the river to while praying or wishing for something and hoping for good luck. That is what most people believe, but science found a reason why it is done so. The reason is that, in the olden times, the currency was made of copper dissimilar to the material used for currency now. Copper is a metal that is useful for the human body so throwing these copper coins into the river water is a way of securing that the body has what it needs.
  2. As you see, various temples have bells hung in them so as people visit the temple; they would ring the bell. It is believed that the sound given out by the bell would keep malevolent forces away, but the scientific reason behind this is that the sound of the bell helps in keeping the mind clear with a better focus on honouring the god. The bells in the temples are made in such as way that it creates a sort of harmony between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain.
  3. It is believed that one should not sleep with your head facing the north as it calls on to ghost. But the science states that the human body has a magnetic field which is caused by the flow of the blood. So when the human body sleeps with the head in the northern direction, it causes the body’s magnetic field to be ill-formed which in turn causes issues relating to blood pressure
  4. Fasting is something which is prevalent in many religions. The fundamental truth to fasting lies in Ayurveda which is an age-old Indian medical system. Ayurveda considers that most of the diseases are caused by the accretion of toxin in the digestive system. So fasting is a way of cleansing the body from this toxics while acting as an antidote to fight acid contents. Scientific research has also found other benefits to fasting such as caloric restriction; reduce cancer risks, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  5. Worshipping of idols or worship of gods in the form of idols, while many pray to receive something or the other. Science says that this practice of idol worship was started to heighten the concentration power during prayers. A psychiatrist has said that according to what a man sees, his thought goes according to that. If there are more objects, then a man’s thought will be on that object. So idol worship originated to help a man focus on praying and worshipping the God above not for man worshipping the idol.

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